We are an excellent church school!

We are proud of our whole community for this fabulous judgement. Well done!


'Let your light shine.' Matthew 5:16

Welcome to our school website.


New Website!

Our new website is here and there's so much to see. Read our blog about it here.


Learning Resources

Check out our handy list of learning resources in the Kids Zone.


Ofsted 2018

'A welcoming and friendly place...


Ofsted 2018

...where pupils make good progress.'


We are a Church of England school.

The church is at the heart of our community.


Early Years Foundation Stage

Ask about our Foundation Stage places for 3 and 4 year olds.


Why Laughton C of E?

Give us a call and have a look around.


We are a small school.

We all learn to get along.


We have a beautiful school.

Our learning environment is bright and lively.


Why Laughton?

Our children are independent.


We work as a team.

We know this makes us successful.


Why Laughton C of E?

Our children work hard.


We learn skills for life.

We are good at problem solving.


We love enterprise projects.

We are learning how our actions can change the world.


We love being creative.

(Even when we are only 4 years old!)


We respect each other as individuals.

We are learning how to become global citizens.


We love sport.

We learn to take care of ourselves and others.


We persevere.

Even when learning is messy!


We love our school.

We know how to have fun!


We are 400 years old!

Our building takes you on a walk through history.


We try our best.

We are learning to be independent.

Please read an important newsletter detailing a policy change for Attendance and holidays in term time. We are proud to announce that we have achieved an Excellent grade overall for our SIAMs (church) inspection! You have all done so much for my child. Thank you doesn't seem enough! (A Year3 parent) I seem to keep repeating myself but just feel like it can't be said enough. Thank you - you are truly extraordinary. (A Year 4 parent) Thank you for everything you all do. You are all fabulous. Me and my family love the school to bits. (FS2 and Year 3 parent) Thank you for all that you have done for my boys. (Year 4 and Year 6 parent) Thank you all for your support and what you have done for my boys! I see you as a second family and I am so blessed having you all! (Year 1 and Year 4 parent)


Below, you will find links to home learning packs for each year group. They contain a mixture of activities and an accompanying answer pack. There is no pressure to complete this work but they provide a range of learning activities and ideas which pupils can access when you have time. 

Some of the maths pages are duplicated with the same activity, just the numbers have been changed. A good idea would be to let your child have a go at the first set of questions independently. Mark them and go through the answers together then they will feel more confident to complete the next set more independently on another day. 

If you are unable to print resources at home then please get in touch to arrange for a printed pack to be posted home. We would appreciate it if we received this notice before 12pm on Friday 3rd April, so that packs can be prepared and posted out before the two week break. 

I have also attached underneath, a list of 100 fun and creative challenges. This may be a nice idea to try and tick off as many as you can over the holidays. 

If you prefer interactive and online activities - TTRockstars and MathsFrame are great!

CLASS 1 - Home Learning Pack Maths and Phonics.pdf

CLASS 1 - Practical Ideas.pdf

Year 1 Home Learning Pack.pdf

Year 1 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 2 Home Learning Pack.pdf

Year 2 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 3 Home Learning Pack.pdf

Year 3 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 4 Home Learning Pack.pdf

Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 5 Home Learning Pack.pdf

Year 5 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 6 Home Learning Pack.pdf


***1000 CHALLENGES***



Two useful links regarding Department For Education updates and social distancing information:



Welcome to the Laughton All Saints' C of E Primary School brand new website.  We are proud of our school and, above all, our children!

We aim to nurture outward looking, independent, self regulating individuals, whose academic and social development is underpinned by Christian values.  At Laughton we aim to ensure all of our children 'let their light shine' so that they achieve their full potential and learn how to make a contribution to their world.

We are a small school, with a long history and a close community, with the church at its heart.  Our dedicated staff team and very supportive governors share the same vision: that all of our children are valued as individuals who can achieve their very best with bespoke support.   We affirm the Church of England philosophy that: 'The ultimate worth of each person is grounded in being created in the image of God and in God’s love and compassion for each.'  (p. 9)

We have tried to make this site as simple to navigate as possible and have included information on our school policies, safeguarding, information for parents and a dedicated zone for children.

Please have a look around and let us know what you think using the form on the contact us page.  We welcome any ideas about information which would be useful to parents.



(Please ask Mrs Hague in the office if you would like paper copies of any of the information contained in our website.)

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