The complete set of Spelling Zappers is available below. We work on these from Class 3 onwards. Please note that some of the Zappers have been updated in line with statutory spelling lists and to avoid repetition. These are the most up to date versions. 

Remember that spellings should be practised little and often rather than rote learning a huge list. Look for patterns and use mnemonics. 75 fun ways to practise spellings can be found here

Click here for a good website with some free spellings games.

If you are unsure which Zapper your child is on, please contact their teacher. We would also love to hear about their successes if you have tested them!


1 Orange.pdf

2 Red.pdf

3 Gold.pdf

4 Bright Yellow.pdf

5 Pale Yellow.pdf

6 Dark Pink.pdf

7 Lilac.pdf

8 Pale Pink.pdf

9 Peach.pdf

10 Dark Green.pdf

11 Pale Green.pdf

12 Bright Blue.pdf

13 Pale Blue.pdf

14 Grey.pdf

Note - Pale blue originally had double the words. This has now been split between numbers 13 and 14. 

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