Maths Passports

We start working on Maths Passports in Class 1. If you are unsure which Passport your child is on, please contact their teacher. 

1 Europe.pdf

2 Asia.pdf

3 Africa.pdf

4 Australasia.pdf

5 North America.pdf

6 South America.pdf

7 Globetrotters.pdf

8 Outer Space.pdf

The Isles are used when pupils pass their age-appropriate level of Maths Passport, to extend and apply skills rather than moving onto additional content above their year group, which will not have been taught in their class yet. 

Year 2 extension:



Year 4 extension:

Isle of Wight.pdf

Isle of Man.pdf

The Maths Passport reference sheet demonstrates the standard of questions which will be asked. 

Maths Passport Reference Sheet.pdf

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