In our Anglican school, we recognise that writing is integral to all aspects of life and we endeavour to ensure that children develop a lifelong, healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards writing. The skill of writing enables pupils to communicate with themselves and others while documenting and conveying their knowledge and ideas. Building on experiences, it encourages expression and higher order thinking skills to develop. Thus, creating a culture of writing in our school ensures our children are given the best opportunities to build their capacity and confidence in a range of writing styles

By creating a stimulating environment and employing appropriate resources, we are determined to provide all pupils with a supportive writing curriculum which will allow learners to recognise their full potential and develop their:

• Literacy

• Creativity

• Independence

• Inquisitiveness

• Inquiry skills

• Confidence


  • Provide a stimulating learning environment through high quality language rich displays.
  • Choose a variety of high quality texts, and where appropriate use the Novel Study approach, to engage and inspire young writers.
  • Develop confident, independent and reflective writers.
  • Broaden our understanding of vocabulary and encouragement of children using ambitious vocabulary.
  • Ensure all staff and children experience tier 1,2 and 3 words and implement them across the curriculum.
  • Ensure quality of teaching and learning in all aspects of writing.
  • Use writing as a key element across the curriculum.

Writing Text Types Progression.docx

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