Class 4
Miss Stowell

World War 2 Spies and Code-Breaking Project - Tuesday 23rd February 2021

This afternoon, your independent project work is all about spies during WWII.  I have provided some short bits of information below for you to read about key people involved in code-breaking and espionage (spying). Then, there are some ideas for activities you could complete.

Learning about code-breaking – there are a few short readings and a video here for you.

Watch this video about code breaking during World War 2:

Reading 1 – This is from a fact book about code breaking during WW2.     Short reading about code-breaking.pdf

Reading 2 – Read about ‘Secret Agent Fifi’.   Agent Fifi.pdf You could research her further and write a fact file about this female secret agent!

Reading 3 - Read about Alan Turing and how he cracked codes! Alan Turing.pdf What was the enigma machine? You could draw it and write about it.

Code-breaking Tasks

Symbols code breaker – Can you work out the value of each picture and link it to a letter on the code wheel to decipher the message? Symbols code breaker INFO.pdf

Morse code – Read the piece of information about Morse Code, decipher the message then have a go at writing your own. You could have a go at communicating your message with a buzzer or torch if you have one.  MORSE CODE.pdf

Can you crack the pigpen cypher? Pigeon cipher.pdf

Caesar wheel code – there is a template here if you have a printer, to create your own Caesar wheel code. Caesar wheel code.pdf

Can you use one of the ideas above to write your own coded message?

I look forward to hearing about your research on Wednesday!


I am so impressed with how you are engaging with live lessons and with the standard of work being submitted on Dojo! Thank you for joining in discussions and adding to ideas in lessons. 

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