Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of the children at Laughton. It is based on the National Curriculum and the interests of our children, equipping them with skills they will need as future citizens. They learn about the world around them at a local and global scale and our topics are designed to excite children and give them the chance to apply key skills that they have been taught. Wherever possible we use 'real life' learning opportunities, visits, visitors and the outdoor environment to enrich children's learning.

Please note that these curriculum maps are subject to change. Flexibility is built into them to take into account the needs and interests of the different cohorts of children and any events which may provide rich learning opportunities. Decisions about the curriculum are based on maintaining fresh, exciting activities whilst ensuring high quality teaching and learning and achievement for all of our pupils. Where we make adaptations we ensure coverage of the National Curriculum, as this is our statutory duty.

Our curriculum is based on equipping children for their future independence with life skills and decision making at the heart of our curriculum design.  We call these enterprise skills and we know that developing them supports our children to be confident and autonomous as they leave us for their next adventures at high school and beyond.

You are always welcome to discuss the curriculum or any aspect of your child's learning in school. Please speak to a your child's teacher in the first instance.  If you would like a more detailed conversation about our curriculum rationale, please make an appointment to discuss it with Mrs Morley, headteacher.

How do we ensure equality for all of our pupils?

(Please see also our Equality Toolkit & Accessibility Action Plan below.)

The governors and staff at Laughton All Saints’ C of E Primary School are committed to ensuring that all pupils’ needs are met and that we are a fully inclusive school.  Governors and staff at Laughton All Saints’ C of E Primary School are committed to providing the full range of opportunities for all pupils, regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, social, cultural or religious background. All pupils have access to the curriculum and the right to a learning environment which dispels ignorance, prejudice or stereotyping. Our policies and accessibility plan reflect our commitment and include adaptations where needed to ensure access for all. 

In addition, pupils with specific needs may have care plans or EHC plans and ongoing review of practices ensure personalisation for pupils with specific needs.  Our children work together and are taught to celebrate individuality within a caring, Anglican church community.  Risk assessments and adaptations ensure accessibility for all.  Overall the graduated response should ensure that all children thrive and experience success at Laughton and no child with special educational needs or disabilities is treated less favourably than other pupils in school.  Our pupils with identified needs and those without work and play alongside each other.

How will my child be consulted about their views and opinions?

Your child’s views and opinions are important and they will be consulted, particularly where there is a change of provision or setting, in order to ensure that they feel fully prepared.  Often the child will be consulted by an established key adult in school that they trust and can talk to.  This is usually an ongoing process based on trusting relationships.

How will I be consulted about my views and opinions?

The school aims to work closely with parents/ carers to ensure children’s needs are met.  We survey parents in order to evaluate the effectiveness of our practice and make improvements.  In addition, will communicate with you regarding your child’s needs and progress and your views on the provision.  Some programmes in school are reviewed after 10 weeks and this gives parents an opportunity to discuss elements and review a child’s targets with staff in school and sometimes outside agencies. Parents/carers are always welcome to make an appointment to speak to Mrs Morley at other times.  If parents feels that their concerns are not met or they would like to make a complaint, they can speak to the governing body.  Ask Mrs Hague if you wish to speak to our governor for SEND and our Chair of Governors.

How is Laughton All Saints’ Primary School accessible to children with SEND?

The school site is mostly accessible to wheelchairs.  Most entry and exit points are flat and can be easily traversed by an adult or child with a physical disability.  The school has an accessible toilet large enough to accommodate changing.  We liaise with the Local Authority who assist us in supporting our families with English as an additional language.  We are a dyslexia friendly school: displays, labels, notices are printed in suitable, clear fonts and 
children have access to coloured reading overlays and coloured exercise books.  We ensure that equipment and classroom layout used is accessible to all children regardless of need.  Extra-curricular provision is accessible to all children ensuring adaptations where necessary.  Classrooms are well-equipped and there is an emphasis on the visual approach to learning.  We have a school Accessibility Plan which is reviewed regularly and is available on our school website and on request.  This provides details about the following:

  • increasing the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the school’s curriculum.
  • improving the physical environment of the school for the purpose of increasing the extent to which disabled pupils are able to take advantage of education and benefits, facilities and services provided or offered by the school.
  • improving the delivery to disabled pupils of information which is readily accessible to pupils who are not disabled.

Our Curriculum Policy: Curriculum Policy.pdf

Curriculum Year Plans & Related Documents

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